The below are examples of three possible types of ecard – all within budget.

Unfortunately, after a lengthy search, it’s not been possible to source any other singing / dancing reindeer theme ecards that are currently available as stock items. It would mean having it created by an animation artist – obviously putting it well over budget.

The three examples below can be personalised with company text and logo etc built into the video – anywhere where there is text currently, can be altered and there is the option to add any further graphics needed. The music can also be changed if mecessary.

The below are dancing characters which can be superimposed on to any background, still or video. The videos showcase the movements of the characters so don’t worry about any backgrounds or the fact there is more than one character on the screen – it’s purely the character itself or a combination of characters that would be used.

The below are examples of ecards where the faces of staff could be inserted into the characters – the company logo and any other message could also be superimposed perhaps at the end of the video.